Get To Know ZeTTA PACS

Our ZeTTA PACS is an effective and powerful reporting solution.
It enables any healthcare practice to efficiently perform diagnostic imaging, while end users access to the system anytime, anywhere.

Easy To Use, Easy To Access

With ZeTTA PACS, patient studies can be viewed from any computer at any hospital or from a referring doctor’s office.

ZeTTA PACS also allows radiologists to read studies at any hospital, greatly increasing the efficiency of radiology workflow by significantly reducing turn-around
time for report dictation. ZeTTA PACS is radiology workflow, improved.

We designed this intuitive, flexible,
imaging, and reporting solution,

so your practice can operate at maximum
efficiency, comply with all standards, and
deliver the highest quality of patient care.

A Powerful yet Cost-Effective PACS

TaeYoung Soft’s web-based technology is one of the most competitive, reliable, and scalable imaging solutions on the market today.

With proven architecture and productivity-enhancing technologies, our ZeTTA PACS provides an unbeatable value

Here is how:

  • Compliance with the most up-to-date DICOM 3.0 Standards
  • Prompt and stable architecture for a large volume DB.
  • Rapid loading performance to help minimize waiting times, enabling you to start reading right away
  • Intuitive, customizable, and Personalized tools and layout
  • Sufficient broker for data interface with HIS/EMR
  • Highly customizable user interface (Up to 15 worklist windows)
  • Efficient, with various display methods (View, Add view, Stack view, Advanced view, etc)
  • Client installation without active X via web & real time update during log-in.
  • Supply an effective monitoring tool for real time monitoring HW & DB.

Various study open functions

The Study is closed, and the selected study is opened in the designated viewer

Add View
The Study is moved aside, and the selected study is opened in the designated viewer.

Multi-study Stack View
The image for several studies are opened as overlapped in a viewer.

Hanging Protocol

Help users to set the image display layout for each modality.

Flexible Monitor Layout

One Study & Multi-Monitor
Display maximum 8 series of 1 study in a wide open form on a two-head monitor.

Multi-Study & One Monitor
Display 2 different studies on a one-head monitor simultaneously.

Special Feature

FMX (Full Mouse X-ray)
· Tooth focusing function : able to zoom in each part including the Left Tooth (left molars only), Right Tooth (right molars only), and Center Tooth (incisors and canine tooth only).
· Custom FMX Template : display a tooth image in a layout set by a user.

Mammo Comparative Layout
Focus on date and each part of recording of Mammo image to compare.

MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction)
Allows images to be created from the original axial plane in either the coronal, sagittal, or oblique plane.

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