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TaeyoungSoft, a company specializing in Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), was selected as the final partner of PACS replacement projects at seven hospitals under the Catholic Central Medical Center (CMC) .


The seven hospitals under the Catholic Central Medical Center (CMC)  are Seoul St. Mary's HospitalYeouido St. Mary's HospitalUijeongbu St.Mary`s HospitalBucheon St. Mary's HospitalIncheon St. Mary's Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospitaland Daejeon St. Mary's Hospitaland TaeyoungSoft has been selected as the partner for the biggest PACS replacement projects in Korea. 

The project is a large-scale project to replace from the legacy PACS with various medical image information, prescriptions, and reports accumulated over the past 20 years to the highest performing nU PACS that is in-line with IT trends and leading medical IT. 

nU PACS is a product built in 2019 at Catholic University Eunpyeong St. Mary's Hospital and is a proven product that reflects cmc's requirements and security features. The seven CMC hospitals expect that TaeyoungSoft's nU PACS would provide the best performance in compatibility with the latest medical modalities and AI technology, as well as flexible and continuous upgrades to external environments..

In particular, CMC can expect to enhancing external reliability through replacing the legacy system, and improve work efficiency and productivity through the successful proliferation of standardized medical information systems..


"We plan to build nU PACS with excellent medical image processing speed and stability compared to existing legacy PACSsand provide the best customer service with fast and reliable service delivery and reasonable costs through dedicated staff" said TaeYoungSoft Ceo Na Seung-ho, "As we have already experience building Eunpyeong St.Mary`s Hospitalwe will make this large-scale PACS replacement project a successful business by quickly and accurately reflecting the needs of our users".

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